Return To Sender Candle
Return To Sender Candle

Return To Sender Candle

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"Return to Sender" candles by Kristen Marie – your key to reclaiming your inner peace and redirecting negative energies. When you're burdened by unwanted vibrations or toxic influences in your life, these candles hold the power to restore harmony. Enchanted by Kristen Marie, a gifted psychic medium, these candles are a manifestation of her intuitive talents and expertise.

Why use a "Return to Sender" candle? These mystical creations serve as a beacon of light, helping you send back negativity, ill intentions, and harmful energy to its source. Kristen Marie infuses each candle with her unique spiritual energy, enhancing its effectiveness. Whether it's warding off envy, banishing negativity, or restoring karmic balance, these candles become your allies in the battle against negativity.

Trust in Kristen Marie's intuition and the magical properties of these candles to create a shield of protection around you. "Return to Sender" candles offer a path to renewed positivity and peace in your life


comes with one candle and return to sender instructions 

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